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VR Production at

We submitted a short article about the shooting of the ELLEMEN VR to  It made it to the front page.  Check it out here.  Yes, it's in Chinese; as it turns out most people in China read this.  Basically this publication is interested in the 'how' of...

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The new face of VR

he first VR in China directly tied to a magazine is now ELLE Men. The issue is out tomorrow along with the press and a purpose built app on the apple store, a beautifully done one at that. I wasn't excited about using a goPro rig due to...

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Essence of the story

I just watched the 2½ hour epic "Becket" again, not having seen it since I was a teenager.  It's clear to me now how wonderful a screenplay it is.  Based on a French play which was based on historical characters.  The settings are restricted to only a few locations...

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