Some were born to create beauty effortlessly

We just work our asses off
We are powerful here at big american films

Power in our fingertips

That would be mostly our keyboards.  Yes, we are certainly good at bending the computer to our will, but it’s more than just code or layers.  We like to challenge ourselves with blending computer graphics with live action, it’s what we’ve been doing for a long time now.  Everyone will tell you they do high quality, and us too.  We certainly want to and there are some specific steps that we help the client figure out that will deliver the best quality in the budget and schedule.

  • Integrity 100%
  • Tenacity 100%
  • Conformity 20%

Innovative Ideas

When the client needs input, we’re there to help style their ideas.   We problem solve.  We put people together with coordinated skills to squeeze the best out of a project.

Advanced Technology

We always try to use the best technology available for the budget.  We want the best results, not the cheapest cost.

Clear Communication

It’s always best to have a plan.   An efficient schedule and staying in touch  makes sure everyone stays on that plan.  We firmly believe  the client is part of our team, not the enemy.
we have strong skill sets


We believe in people with heart, and with skills.  If they don’t have the right attitude they don’t work at BAF, if they lack skills we try to teach them.

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