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This is what my Dad used to say when you were working late into the night.  And except for the oil part that’s just what we’ve been doing, trying to get this website up.  All the pieces are ready to go, it’s just a matter of making them fit nicely.  For example we spent many days creating the right type and size of videos for the portfolio, but now we have to ‘link’ things up and write some little blurbs about each of the projects.  We just think it’s better to talk a bit about what we did and maybe how we did it, particularly the harder ones.

The thing is, it’s been way too long getting this site going so we just decided to get it up even in it’s unfinished state.  Then there’s translation!  The software’s in place, but we just need to get it done.  So, enjoy what we have for now and check back to see more posted video as we get it up here.