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Pure Fancy - done well

Virtual Reality

65mm film from the air

Know How

This is an expression that says a lot in two words. We do know how, in our case it’s the art and the craft of putting pieces together to make a compelling whole. You might say we can go from soup to nuts, if you’re into expressions.

Evan Ricks

Evan Ricks


The grand pubah, the elequent orator, master of all he surveys, and occasionally dumper of trash.

Clay Ge

Clay Ge


Clay is the right arm.  He takes care of all kinds of things behind the scenes, and sometimes at the scene.  Talk to him if you’re expecting something in Chinese, or if you have a check for us.

Ned Flanders

Ned Flanders

Mascot and spiritual consultant

Ned helps us to take care of our…  Hey, what’s Ned doing here?!  It’s never the one you expect.

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