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the Big American

Founder of Big American Films, Evan Ricks has spent the last decade getting to know how creativity happens, develops and is produced in China.

Evan has had a broad career in filmmaking and animation, having done everything from design to directing and producing.  He began in Los Angeles by animating for several popular television shows such as Max Headroom, the Twilight Zone and StarTrek Next Generation.  He co-founded a company called Rezn8 Productions to do motion graphics, music videos. and commercials  It was very successful, creating spots seen nationwide and worldwide eventually going on to win 9 Emmy awards.  His company was also heavily involved with 3 winter Olympics, creating all on-air graphics.  After leaving Evan went on to supervise and direct commercials, animation, online content and even game development.  Along the way he started what was to become “House of Moves”, the definitive motion capture studio.  In 1998-2000 he directed the worlds first all motion capture feature film “Sinbad: Beyond the veil of Mists”, starring Brendan Fraser and Leonard Nimoy.  He has also supervised effects for films such as “Titanic”, “Mortal Kombat II”, “Money Talks” and designed, produced and directed sequences for popular IMAX films such as “Forces of Nature” and  “Alaska”.

 Since moving to China Evan has supervised visual effects for several Chinese films, “Prince of the Himalayas”,  “the Dream is Alive”, and more recently “the Queens” and  “Amazing!”.   Big American Films completed around 150 shots for the US live action films “Dragonball : Evolution” and then many more for the Tom Cruise action comedy “Knight & Day”.  He produced and directed Asia’s first Virtual boy band for Pernod-Ricard Chivas worldwide as well continuing with animation and effects.  Evan also retains his love of animation and is developing scripts that he hopes one day can be produced in China.