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Space Reporters – Fight of the Century” A new series of shorts blending character animation with live action

One of the more interesting things we’ve worked on, and one of the most meaningful.  We follow the exploits of two intrepid reporters from another planet.  They ‘report back’ on what they observe in a critical way, warning of the excesses of our civilization and the dangers in our future.  We were responsible for all animation production.

We were associated with this project for several years before it finally found funding in China to create 10 different small films.  The budget would not support original animation for each subject (as was the original plan), so the director had us make 2 animated self-contained animation shorts.  She then took parts of these, along with some additional elements such as the man, woman and robot flying.  She then keyed these over segments as needed in her editing sessions.  For this reason some of those individual elements don’t look like they completely ‘fit’.  This was all accomplished in the summer of 2015 in time to be screened at the UN Climate Change Conference.  By 2016 it had won some big prizes, one in China and one in France.

Here is the test we did several years earlier to get the contract.